Walmart Will Be Stocking Small Turkey Options For A Low-Key Thanksgiving

photocredit: gettyimages

This year, Thanksgiving will be looking different for many of us.

Walmart just announced their plans and predictions for Thanksgiving shopping this year, like offering smaller turkey options and extending their sales throughout the month. They agree that customers will be looking for smaller turkeys this year, since there will be fewer people to feed. They stated:
"As always, we’ll have plenty of whole turkeys, but this year, we’ve increased our assortment of bone-in and boneless turkey breasts by 20-30 percent in stores across the country. Regardless of how they plan to celebrate Thanksgiving, we’re committed to ensuring our customers can find what they want earlier in the season, all at affordable prices."

According to a survey, it stated that gatherings this year for Thanksgiving are down 26% this year as opposed to a typical 30%.

What are your Thanksgiving plans this year?

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