Preschool Teacher Wins $250,000 Lottery Months After Getting Laid Off

photocredit: gettyimages

After losing his longtime job and his father, Joe Camp's luck turned around for the better.

The North Carolina resident headed to a gas station to buy a lottery ticket that morning, which is his normal routine and then ended up winning $250,000 on the Gold Rush ticket he bought that day. He stated "I bought two tickets. I didn’t win on the first one, so I tried the second and I scratched it off, and I fell to my knees at the gas pump.”

He was a preschool teacher for 20 years but was laid off in September and began to work at a car dealership instead. He explained:

“I was a teacher for 20 years, a preschool teacher, and I got laid off on September 6. A month after that, my dad passed away. And it put me in a dark place. But I have a lot of friends and family that just told me to keep sticking in there, keep believing in myself.”

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