Starbucks Has The Perfect Valentine's Day Menu To Choose From!

photocredit: gettyimages

You can celebrate everyday leading up to Valentine's Day with Starbucks.

Starbucks is celebrating Valentine's Day starting on February 8th through February 14th. They will be waiving all delivery fees on all their Starbucks orders over $15.00. On February 14th, customers who place a Starbucks Delivers order on Uber Eats will get 50% their order of $15 or more by just using the code SENDLOVE. They are also selling merchandise like glittery pink hot and cold tumblers with heart designs and color-changing cups with a kiss print on them!

You can also order their Red Velvet Loaf Cake or a Pink drink! If you are a fan of their secret menu items, you can try the Lovebug Frappuccio, Chocolate Mousse Macchiato or the Chocolate Covered Strawberry Frapp! Remember, these aren't items on the actual menu, you'll need to order them step-by-step. If you forget what's in them, just click here.

What's your favorite festive item to order from Starbucks?!

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