Krispy Kreme Has A New Line Of Lemonade Donuts!

Hello summer!

Krispy Kreme now has new donuts for us to try! They are lemonade flavored! Any lemonade lovers can stop by your local location to pick up the new limited-edition Lemonade Glaze Collection. It's the perfect summertime treat!

You'll be able to choose from a Lemonade Glaze Doughnut (classic Original Glazed donut dipped in Lemonade Glaze, Lemon Kreme Doughnut (Lemonade Glazed donut filled with Lemon Kreme), Strawberry Lemonade Doughnut which is a Lemonade Glazed donut dipped in a strawberry topping and finished off with a lemon icing swirl), and a Pink Lemonade Cake Doughnut which is a Pink Lemonade Cake donut covered in Lemonade Glaze then topped with lemon buttercream and pink sugar.

Yum! These are only available until June 20th.

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