Your Amazon Echo Is About To Share Your Internet With Your Neighbors!

photocredit: gettyimages

Amazon has a new Sidewalk service coming soon!

On Tuesday, Amazon's internet sharing network will be activated on millions of Amazon Echo and Tile devices. Sidewalk is Amazon's effort to create a mesh network of interconnected devices on its own. Sidewalk enabled devices of which there are about to be a lot more of connect to each other through Bluetooth and radio frequencies.

This allows all devices to stay connected to the internet even if the devices are out of range or disconnected from their home wifi networks. This means that your neighbors data passes through your device and your data passes through theirs. Then you'll be sharing a small amount of your internet with your neighbors and they will be sharing yours with you, unless you turn it off.

If you choose to opt out and have an Echo device, you open the Alexa app, Settings, Account Settings, Amazon Sidewalk, Disabled.

What are your thoughts on this? For more info, click here.

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