Chipotle Is Giving Away Thousands Of Free Burritos Hidden In TV Commercials

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photocredit: gettyimages

During the NBA finals, Chipotle is giving away millions of dollars worth of free burritos.

Here's what you'll need to do, pay attention to commercial breaks. Chipotle will be airing a special broadcast TV commercials and each will have a hidden keyword at the end. When you see the hidden code word, you will have to text it to 888-222 as quickly as possible because only a limited number of free burritos are available during each game.

Here's how many burritos will be given out during each game:

  • Game Two- 10,000 free burritos
  • Game Three- 20,000
  • Game Four- 30,000
  • Game Give- 40,000
  • Game Six- 10,000
  • Game Seven- 10,000

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