Dwayne Johnson Answers A Rude Question About His Abs!

Photo: FilmMagic,

photocredit: gettyimages

Have you seen Jungle Cruise starring Dwayne The Rock Johnson and co-star Emily Blunt?!

If you haven't, it's a must see! In an interview, they both had to answer questions on the Google search feature. The Rock got one question that was kind of rude! Someone asked "What's wrong with The Rock's abs?" Blunt also then became curious about what The Rock's abs looked like!

He said "Nothing is wrong with my abs. I got like a five and a half pack, sometimes a four and a half pack.” Back in 2013, he had a triple hernia surgery after suffering an injury in 2013 at a WWE wrestling event.

Would you ever ask someone a question like that?

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