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[EWW] Cockroach Lives In Woman's Ear, Tormenting Her For NINE Days!

A Florida woman was sleeping when a cockroach slipped INTO HER EAR and was tormenting her for the next nine days!!! WTF?! 

It took THREE DOCTORS and NINE DAYS to finally get the roach out. 

Her name is Katie Holley, no...not the roach, the woman.

She says it came out in SIX pieces...count them, SIX PIECES!!!! YUCK!!!

The Physician Assistant tried to flush it out, until doctors placed ointment in the ear to kill the roach and then pull it out piece by piece.

This is just...disgusting. 

I can't even image what she was going through the entire process. 

Wanna see the roach pieces? Here ya go! 

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