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Raphcation Travel Blog: My Trip To Hawaii

So I figured I would chronicle my vacations on my blog, because...why not?

For this edition, I have the chance to experience the amazing and wonderful islands of the 50th state of our beloved United States of America, the great state of Hawaii. I get to celebrate the union of my friends Pete and Cel with the Aloha vibes surrounding us - beautiful views, colorful sunsets, and the Pacific as our background. 

Check out the wedding action here

A week in Hawaii is definitely not enough time to experience the FULL scope of the islands, but we are making the most of it. We are spending most of our time on the island of O'ahu, home to the state capital of Honolulu. 

Beach days, food tour days, the wedding itself, our week is action-packed and full of photographic opportunities. 

Here is the "obligatory" beach pic laying out in Kahana Bay at the North Shore getting some sun before the wedding.

Food Tour: Part I

The food here is unbelievable - from the local favorite Loco Moco to some Shaved Ice, there's plenty to try for the first time. Diet is on hold until I get back home. 

Just look at this SHAVED ICE! YUMMMMM!!! 

I also had the chance to check out the Dole Pineapple Plantation in Wahiawa...if you don't like Pineapples, we can't be friends. 

Food Tour: Part II

Check out the amazing dishes Hawaii has to offer, and we did it all in Waikiki! From Japanese UDON to shaved ice and Musubi (Spam and Rice wrapped in seaweed), it was definitely a stretchy shorts day to experience the food in Hawaii!

Saturday Hiking Day 

We had the chance to hit the trails on Saturday - Manoa Falls and the Makapu'u Outlook and Tidepools on the Eastern part of O'ahu! Manoa Falls is definitely a novice-type trail, but it lead to an amazing waterfall at the end.

The second hike we did in the same day was the Makapu'u lookout, with amazing vistas of mountainside and ocean colliding. There was a dangerous, but neat easter egg off the trail. We climbed down the mountain to experience the "Makapu'u Tidepools" at the base of the mountain. Highly suggest doing it, if you're not a heights-fearing person.

Yes, I risked my life to get some awesome Instagram shots. 

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