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Twenty Netflix LifeHacks You Wish You Knew About Years Ago

If you are a Netflix Aficionado like me, there are some things I wish would change about the service to enhance the user experience. Luckily, there are A/V nerds (Iike me) who figured some life hacks out to make Netflix and Chill a little bit easier to do. Winky face emoji. Smiley face emoji. 

Check out some of these Netflix life hacks from Thrillist:

1. Erase viewing history. Did your little cousin watch 'Veggie Tales' on your account?? Just get to your "Account" page on your phone or computer, scroll down to "My Profile" and click "Viewing Activity."

2. Removing that "message" from Netflix. There's a Chrome extension for computers called "Never Ending Netflix" that keeps the "Are you still watching" message from popping up.

3. Watch Netflix in bed using your laptop? Rotate the video, so you can lie down and watch it sideways in bed. Check out the Chrome extension called Netflix Flip. That will help with neck pain. 

4. Bored of the same 15 episodes of Friends? (How dare you.) Try "Netflix Roulette." It helps with finding a new title for you and it can sort based on reviews from places like Rotten Tomatoes. 

The rest of the list can be found on Thrillist! I definitely need to use some of these!! 

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