Guy Busted With $13,000 In Stolen Disneyland Merchandise

Guy Busted With $13,000 In Stolen Disneyland Merchandise

A CHP (California Highway Patrol) officer was recently making a routine traffic stop because a motorist in a Nissan Sentra didn't stop when approaching a school bus that had flashing red lights in Kern County. I'm sure the officer thought that all he had to do was issue a traffic violation ticket. But turns out, his job got a whole lot more complicated that day.

Upon further investigation, the officer learned that the man's driver's license was suspended. But wait, there's more...A search of the man's Nissan turned up $13,000 of stolen Disneyland merchandise. The suspect was taken to Kern County jail.

So what's gonna happen to that $13,000 worth of Disneyland merchandise? CHP has reportedly already contacted Disneyland & made arrangements to return it to the Happiest Place On Earth.


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