Teacher Makes "Old Town Road" Remix To Help Students

Teacher Makes "Old Town Road" Remix To Help Students

23-year-old Birmingham, Alabama, 3rd grade teacher Jasmine Merlette is always looking for creative ways for her students to learn. So when one of her Sun Valley Elementary School students expressed feeling anxiety over taking the annual statewide exam, Ms. Merlette took inspiration from Lil Nas X's smash hit, "Old Town Road."

She remixed the song and turned it into a learning tool for the kids. She wrote it with them, they practiced it at home with their parents & it was an all around collaborative effort. After the class video of their remix was posted, it immediately when viral, raking in over 20,000 views on Facebook and even getting a retweet from Billy Ray Cyrus--who, of course, is featured on Lil Nas X's remix of "Old Town Road." Ms Merlette told "Good Morning America"...

We don't all learn the same and that's what it's about. So it's like, 'Hey, my kids like this song, let's use it.'

You can watch the kids' performance & Billy Ray Cyrus' retweet below...


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