Apple Is Ending iTunes

Apple Is Ending iTunes

I still remember when Steve Jobs & Apple introduced iTunes back in 2003...It was revolutionary! So to think that Apple will be ending it just 16 years later is shocking to some.

But that's just what might be announced this week during Apple's annual World Wide Developers Conference, beginning on Monday. According to Bloomberg, Apple is expected to announce that it's shutting down iTunes and will divide iTunes' offerings into 3 newly developed applications for music, TV and podcasts.

Bloomberg also reports a number of other announcements Apple will make this week, including:

  • A new operating system code named "Yukon" with a "Dark Mode" interface for nighttime viewing
  • Core app upgrades to Maps, Reminders & Messages
  • New Apple Watch features that allow access to the App Store & a Books app to listen to audio books

So far, Apple hasn't confirmed or denied the report that it'll be shutting down iTunes, but we should know some time this week.


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