TAKE2: DIY Valentine's Day Photo Backdrop

Valentine's Day is right around the corner! 

Jill and Sabrina from Valentine In The Morning show you how to make a creative Valentine's Day backdrop perfect for photos, cards and more!

Step 1:

Find a blank wall with good lighting.

Step 2:

Cut hearts out of construction paper, printer paper or even glitter card stock (found at most craft stores).

Be sure to cut out all different sizes. If you are standing in front of a white wall, we suggest adding red hearts to the mix!

Step 3:

Use painters tape (so you don't ruin your walls) to stick the hearts to the wall in whatever creative pattern you want! Jill and Sabrina wanted the hearts to look like bubbles!

Step 4:

Strike a pose! Whether you are blowing a kiss that turns into hearts or thinking about love, the photos look so professional with your new DIY backdrop!

Print the photos out on card stock to make Valentine's Day cards for your love. Or kids will love to do this project and hand out the cards to their friends at school!

There is no right or wrong way to do this, so get creative!

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