This Woman Sees Her Late Father In Her Ultrasound Photo!

Whenever you go through a loss in your family, it's never easy especially when it's an immediate family member. Then when you get the new that you're pregnant it's a really exciting time for your family. Well this San Diego woman recently went to get an ultrasound of her unborn daughter and she couldn't believe what she saw in the ultrasound. Shantel Carillo lost her father Charles in 2016, but the ultrasound photo shows her father's face next to the unborn child's. She posted the photo on Reddit and while it could just be the light, the photo went viral. Shantel says she didn't notice the shape of her father's face until she posted the ultrasound on Facebook and other family members really pointed it out. They even posted a photo of her father holding her and it looks eerily similar.

Do you see her father in the ultrasound photo?

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