104.3 MYfm's What's That Noise Summer 2017

What’s That Noise Summer 2017 noises and winners below.

Check out the sounds from 2017, early 2018, late 2018, early 2019 and play along for the current noise here.

Do you think you know what it is? Be caller #20 at 866-544-MYfm (6936) and guess the correct sound to win some serious cash.Listen for your chance to win Monday-Friday at 7:25am, 8:25am, 9:25am, 11:25am, 1:25pm, 3:25pm, and 5:25pm with the exception of May 28th 2018 for Memorial Day. 

Click here to listen to our 2018 sounds and check out some of our sounds from 2017 below: 

SOUND #8Congrats to Rene from LA who guessed 'dishwashing gloves' and won $3100!

SOUND #7Congrats to Digna from Oxnard for winning $1,000 for guessing "Dropping A Ball"

SOUND #6Congrats to Eric from Anaheim for winning $2,300 for guessing "Opening A Bottle Of Medicine"

SOUND #5Congrats to Jema from Santa Ana for winning $2,300 for guessing "Flip Flops"

SOUND #4Congrats to Michelle from Ontario for winning $600 for guessing "Fidget Spinner"

SOUND #3Congrats to Sarah for winning $14,900 for guessing "Umbrella"

SOUND #2Congrats to Lori for winning $2,500 for guessing "Closing A Laptop Computer"

SOUND #1Congrats to Shannon for winning $2,400 for guessing a "An Adjustable Office Chair"

Our biggest prize in the past has been $21,600 when a lucky listener guessed "Peeling A Banana:"

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