104.3 MYfm's What's That Noise Fall 2018

What’s That Noise Fall 2018 noises and winners below.

Check out the sounds from 2017, early 2018, late 2018, early 2019 and play along for the current noise here.

Sound #1: 

Congrats to Cindy from Simi Valley who won $1,500 for guessing "Opening A Can."

Sound #2: 

Congrats to Brittany from Highland Park who won $1,300 for guessing "Opening A Paper Bag"

Sound #3: 

Congrats to Monica Banfield from Rancho Cucamonga who won $39,500 for guessing "Rolling A Garbage Can Down A Drive-Way"

What's That Noise Is BACK For 2018!

104.3 MYfm is putting your ears to the test... for CASH! Do you think you can figure out our sounds? Listen Monday - Friday for your chance to win at 7:25a, 8:25a, 9:25a, 11:25a, 1:25p, 3:25p, 5:25pCheck out the sounds from 2016 , 2017 andearlier this yearto get ready!

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