What's That Noise Is Back On 104.3 MYfm


Sound #1: 

Congrats to Cindy from Simi Valley who won $1,500 for guessing "Opening A Can."


Sound #2: 

Congrats to Brittany from Highland Park who won $1,300 for guessing "Opening A Paper Bag"


Sound #3: 

Congrats to Monica Banfield from Rancho Cucamonga who won $39,500 for guessing "Rolling A Garbage Can Down A Drive-Way"


What's That Noise Is BACK For 2018!

104.3 MYfm is putting your ears to the test... for CASH! 

Do you think you can figure out our sounds? 

Listen Monday - Friday for your chance to win at 7:25a, 8:25a, 9:25a, 11:25a, 1:25p, 3:25p, 5:25p

Check out the sounds from 2016 , 2017 and earlier this year to get ready!


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