104.3MYfm's What's That Noise Summer 2021

Valentine in the Morning's What’s That Noise is BACK on MYfm! You can play starting at 7:25a, 8:25a, 9:25a, 11:25a, 1:25p, 3:25p, 5:25p. Listen for your chance to play! If you're caller 20 and can identify the secret noise by calling 866-544-6936, you'll win some serious cash!

Practice listening to noises and guessing from prior What’s That Noise rounds in 2017, early 2018, late 2018, early 2019, late 2019, 2020, and early 2021!

Your next chance to guess will be at 5:25 PM with Dave Styles!

Jackpot: $7,400

Last 5 Guesses:

  1. A turn signal-Gabriel from Northridge
  2. Ticket Dispenser-Carrie from Fontana
  3. A hole punch- Greg from Long Beach
  4. Clicking a pen- Aung from Hacienda Heights
  5. Clicking a Mouse- Lisa from Pomona


Lillie from Buena Park, CA won $20,100 for correctly guessing 'Rolling or Pulling a Suitcase'